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Progetto Circular Social Norms


Riccardo Bruni

Riccardo Bruni

I am a researcher in Logic and Philosophy of Science at DILEF (Dept. of Literature and Philosophy) of UNIFI. My research interests include a variety of topics of Logic and Philosophy of Logic, as well as foundational issues lying at the intersection between Logic, Philosophy and other areas of research like Mathematics and Social Sciences. Those which are mostly in the spirit of the project from which this website stems, are theories of formal truth and circular concepts. A list of my recent publications can be found by accessing my page @UNIFI (that you can reach by clicking here).



Alessandro Gioffré

I am an assistant professor in Economics at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Florence. My research interests include game theory, social norms, and monetary economics. More info can be found at webpage of the Department or at my personal webpage.



Maria Marino

After seven years of job experience in the international cooperation and non-profit sector, I embarked on an academic career getting a Phd in Economics, Law and Institutions in 2015. I am currently a post-doc researcher in Economics at the Department of Economics at the University of Florence. My research interests are political behavior, institutional change, inequality and its perceptions. More information can be obtained on my web page.


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