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Progetto Circular Social Norms

Francesco Guala@Dilef

Seminario Progetto "Circular Social Norms - Ci_SoNo" (in collaborazione con il DISEI, UniFi)

Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia DILEF, via della Pergola 60,
sala altana
mercoledì 22 gennaio ore 11.30

Francesco Guala (Università di Milano)
Coordination and Solution Thinking

Abstract: Standard theories of rational decision are unable to explain how two or more individuals can form beliefs that allow them to coordinate smoothly in situations of strategic interaction. I argue that a form of reasoning called Solution Thinking is often used effectively to solve coordination problems. The main difference between Solution Thinking and standard strategic reasoning is that beliefs are an output, not an input, of the reasoning process. I also illustrate some empirical data that seem to confirm this hypothesis.

ultimo aggiornamento: 18-Dic-2019
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